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Eternal Sunday



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Sale Sold out you know when you get together it's gonna be good times and memories to make. Wine and cheese is always a win-win.

Story Time:

For many years I worked at a restaurant in New York City that was very cheese and wine driven. I learned a lot about cheese and wine in a non-pretentious space with people who cared about guiding me and helping me to feel confident in this niche area. Because of this positive experience I love to create interesting and delicious appetizer plates and enjoy picking out wine and cheese specifically. I have even found amazing selections in vegan cheese, as my journey to explore and my curiosity is never satiated...when it comes to cheese. ::shrug::

I designed this as a reminder of good times and good friends. Because when we get together time is irrelevant.

-Folded A2 (4.25"x5.5"), blank interior

-Natural linen envelop included

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